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"Bringing together
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Meet Shekinah Israel


At She's Here To Assist, we offer top quality work opportunities to help drive productivity in the business industry. We  connect businesses with qualified candidates for temporary, permanent or contract positions. We screen and place candidates based on client needs, aiming to fulfil organizational staffing requirements efficiently and effectively. Specializing in customer service and administrative support, we are committed to offering expertise in matching skills, experience, and cultural fit to ensure successful placements that benefit both employers and job seekers. Our Founder Shekinah Israel started this company because of the years of experience working in the and customer support industry. Now she's here to help partner with businesses and individuals, who are ready to unlock potential, one placement at a time. 

Fun Fact, she loves the beach and Zombie Movies.

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Administrative Support

Serve as the first point of contact for clients and candidates, handling inquiries via phone, email, or in-person visits. They may schedule interviews, confirm appointments, and provide general information about the agency's services. Duties may include data-entry, scheduling and coordination, administrative tasks, supporting recruitment activities, compliance and documentation.  Duties varies, and are based on client needs.

Customer Support

Handle inquires, and requests from customers regarding a product or service. Resolve issues, handle complaints, document interactions, educate customers, and escalate complex issues. 


Learning & Development

Be willing to learn and grow with training programs provided by the company. Including mentorship, self study, feedback, and continuous improvement. 

Provide clients and customers with politeness and courtesy, effective communication, product knowledge, problem solving skills, empathy and understanding. professional appearance, time management, confidentiality, and flexibility. 

Countries We're Partnered With !

We provide work from home and on-site opportunities to individuals and businesses around the world. We operate with many countries such as America, Jamaica, and Philippines. Whether you are looking to join our remote and staff professionals, or just looking to hire workers, we can help. 


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